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(1) Such as the discovery of product quality problems, please contact with customer service in time.

(2) Before returning with customer service first, please fill in communication, please cooperate with after-sales service table, and comprehensive service, contact getting after-sale service to track your return get timely treatment.

(3) Customer to product color or productsof designated, we will try our best to meet, but not 100% guarantee. If because of the colour or design will not be exchanged not consistent.

(4) For transport damaged goods, we consider the client direct find logistics company compensation is very troublesome, so full responsibility for this site, but must be made within three days after receiving, and in three days fill out after-sales service table registration rise, can return to this website in service period. Within three days after receiving a transport did not put forward to damage, the default for this goods intact received.

(5) To put the site sell goods sent to this site, we reserve the return of this all not dealing directly to the customer's right back.

(6) After-sales service is the most basic service site, we are willing to provide you with good after-sales service and good after-sales service also need customer cooperation, please read the above instructions carefully before products according to this site, as far as possible, lest affect above provisions for your after-sales service.