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Yataida website legal statement

Welcome to visit Yataida website. In order to regulate website management and to guarantee this website and relevant copyright owners Yataida's legal rights to make the legal notices. Expounded the legal notices the terms and conditions apply to all access and use Yataida website person or institution.

One, Yataida website is facing the handset battery, the digital parts of research and development, production and marketing professional business sites, any access and use this web site person or institution must abide by the relevant laws and regulations, do not use this web site, the spread of engaged in illegal activity ability.

Two, the Yataida website all the content is to better serve the audience, this website does not guarantee all information, text, graphics, links and other projects, the absolute accuracy and completeness of the contents, only for visitors Yataida web site to use for reference to the use of the website content and the associated consequences is not liable for any commercial and legal responsibility.

Three, all Yataida web link with the web site and the content and copyright owners by corresponding providers and responsible, gold Mr Kay website right its content or form or nature take any direct or indirect commercial or legal responsibility.

Four, every to Yataida website entries, contributors must ensure that manuscript of originality and content, such as the authenticity of the manuscript for plagiarism, false, etc, the legal consequence of behavior causes by contributors, assume, and this website reserves recovery, and other related rights. The manuscripts, to adopt Yataida website will await according to this website agreement to pay pay contributors to book.

Five,Yataida website reprint articles, materials and related photos, its copyright all by the author or the original published media have, without copyright owners agree that any organization or individual shall without its for commercial purposes. This web site in accordance with law, protect the copyright owner, the related rights to verify the website when using the holder of less than, can to submit your site Suceam holder identification materials and can explain the copyright owner of materials, Yataida website will be paid according to the relevant provisions, book.