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Fiberglass chopped strand

 E-glass chopped strand was cut from E-glass roving,treated by silane-based coupling agent and special sizing formula, has good compatibility and dispersion . With good strand integrity and flowability. Finished products have excellent physical and mechanical properties and surface apperance.


Reinforce of Plastics PBT, PET, PA-6, PA-66, ABS, PS, POM, LCP
Reinforce of Composite Material BMC
,friction material
Advantage of End Product in Electrical Electronic and Automobile


1.Good flow ability
2.Low static
3.Good bonding strength
4.Good strand integrity
5.Low fuzz
6.Excellent workability and properties
7.Good dispersion in extruding


Fiberglass chopped strand reinforced polymer composites are very widely used because of their favourable properties such as high specific tensile and compressive strength, controllable electrical conductivity, low coefficient of thermal expansion, good fatigue resistance and suitability for the production of complex shape materials. These materials have become the alternative of conventional structural materials such as steel, wood or metals in many applications. Typical areas of composite applications are car industry, aircraft fabrication, wind power plant, boats, ships, etc. During the human history, composites made occasionally large breakthroughs in construction

and other materials. Among the composites, Chopped strand mat E-glass/ epoxy composite is emerging as a promising material for marine application due to their excellent superior strength, moisture resistance and electrical and fire insulation than that of other composites in making boat hulls,fiber glass boat. Bijesh1, studied the mechanical properties of chopped strand mat E-glass / epoxy composite with different fiber wt%. He found that 50wt% fiber composite gave the high mechanical properties than that of (30 and 40wt %). Lam, et al, studied the mechanical properties of nanoclay/ epoxy composites with different amount of nanoclay particles. They found that 5wt% nanoclay epoxy sample gave the highest tensile strength & Vickers hardness value among all remaining (0 to 8 wt%). Literature survey indicate that very limited work has been done on mechanical behaviour of chopped strand mat E-glass fiber reinforced epoxy composite of varying fiber wt%. Therefore,the aim of this work is to fabricate the chopped strand mat E-glass / epoxy nanoclay composite of varying wt% using hand lay up technique and to study the mechanical properties of the composites. Various other different methods of fabricating the polymer matrix composites are wet lay up (hand lay up), resin transfer molding, filament winding and compression molding. Among the techniques mentioned above, Hand lay up technique is used in this study since, it is effective, economic, good surface finish4and easy fabrication. .




The E-glass Chopped Strand should be stored in a dry place,preferably at room temperature and 50-70% relative humidity.



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