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short glass fiber composite materials

    Domestic fiberglass chopped strand composite materials equipment level, built a batch of internationally advanced level the production line.Domestic existing fiber pipe fixed length, pipe sand inclusion and horizontal tank production line (including high pressure pipe production line), 350, short glass fiber cut wire winding 2 continuous tube production lines, 2 centrifugal pipe production lines, more than about 50 megawatt fan blade manufacturer, SMC, BMC special pressure machine more than 200, more than 400 pultrusion production lines, more than 110 continuous plate production lines, injection machine more than 580 sets, all kinds of SMC water tank manufacturers dozens, pultrusion manufacturers dozens, in 2009 to shred short glass fiber composite mechanized forming proportion is 66%.Glass fiber chopped strand with main raw material has been largely composite material, supply the quality of the glass fibre and resin has reached the international level, the price is competitive.Glass fiber chopped strand, for example, since the period of "11th five-year plan", the glass fiber chopped silk industry technology development is encouraging, fruitful.With large non-alkali pool kiln technology, pure oxygen combustion technology, online short cut, electric melting, 6000 hole big leakage board, new glass formula, automatic logistics line, multi axial wind with large-scale production, superfine electronic yarn fabric of large-scale production of a large number of important scientific and technological achievements, greatly improving the industry technical level and international competitiveness.Among them, the non-alkali fiberglass tank furnace drawing technology has reached the international advanced level, the world's largest annual output of 120000 tons of non-alkali pool kiln production completed and put into operation during the period of "11th five-year plan", with independent intellectual property rights of technology and equipment in our country has been widely used in all industry, and export in succession.Global shred short glass fiber composites industry are from Europe and the United States developed countries focus on Asia, Asia composite material production growth is one of the most significant trend in industry development, is expected to double production to 2015, 10 million tons.According to China epoxy network/epoxy resin industry in China online expert introduction, is expected to Asia in the global market composite proportion will increase from 25% at the beginning of this century to 51% in 2013.

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