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many types of chopped glass fiber

 There are many types of chopped glass fiber and they are widely used.

1. Chopped glass fiber used in cement
Engineering chopped glass fiber concrete can be widely used in wall panels, floors, basements and external walls of buildings in housing construction projects; Dams, reservoirs, drains and thin-walled water pipes of water conservancy projects; Pavement of road and bridge projects, bridge deck pavement; Tunnel; Bunker, air-raid shelter and bumper bar of Military Engineering; Wharf, flood control embankment and concrete prefabricated plates and pipes in Port Engineering.
2. Chopped glass fiber for Plastic reinforcement
The chopped glass fiber used for FRP is divided into two categories: chopped strand for reinforced thermosetting resin (BMC) and chopped strand for reinforced thermoplastic resin. The requirements for short cut raw silk for reinforced thermoplastic are alkali free glass fiber, high strength, good electrical insulation, good short cut strand integrity, good fluidity and high whiteness. Reinforced thermosetting plastic chopped strand requires good bundling property, easy to be quickly soaked by resin, and has good mechanical strength and electrical properties.
3. Chopped glass fiber for friction materials
The main function of reinforcing fiber in friction material is to make the material have certain strength and toughness, and resist mechanical effects such as impact, shear, tensile and so on without mechanical damage such as crack, fracture, collapse and so on.

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