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chopped glass fiber reinforced PET

  glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic polymer is a kind of important way for the application of engineering plastics in 1966.

  Japan teijin company first development of glass fiber reinforced PET engineering plastics, since then, the United States Eastman and dupont in the 1970 s and the glass fiber reinforced PET research and achieved success.

  The cause of glass fiber reinforced: PET low notched impact strength, in order to improve the impact resistance, increase its thermal deformation temperature.
  Methods: to join after surface treatment, such as coupling agent of glass fiber (glass fiber reinforced PET, it is important is carried out on the glass fiber surface treatment such as coupling agent to improve with PET resin adhesive)
  Objective: to preparation has ultra-high strength, rigidity, toughness and good dimensional stability, chemical resistance, heat resistance, excellent PET plastic.
  Main applications: automobile parts, rack, door frame, motor shell, electronic electrical components such as ignition device, relay, the coil cover shell parts, etc.

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