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chopped glass fiber and glass fiber powder

 (1) glass fiber chopped fiber Chopped strand runs dry chopped strand and wet chopped strand.The former in the reinforced plastic production, while the latter is used to make paper.Used for chopped strand of glass fiber reinforced plastic is divided into reinforced thermosetting resin (BMC) with chopped strand and reinforced thermoplastic resin with chopped strand two kinds big.Of reinforced thermoplastics with chopped strand requirement is with non-alkali glass fiber, high strength and good electrical insulation, chopped strand cluster sex good, good liquidity, high whiteness.Reinforced thermosetting plastic chopped strand for cluster sex good, easy for resin soaked quickly, has the very good mechanical strength and electrical properties.
(2) grinding fiber.Ball mill grinding fiber by the hammer mill or cut short fibre grinding.Grated fiber in reinforced reaction injection process (RRIM) used as reinforced materials, in the manufacture of casting products, mold and other products used for resin filler to improve surface crack phenomenon, reduce the molding shrinkage rate, also can be used as reinforced material.

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