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Carbon fiber powder performance test and plastic molding method

   Nowadays, various new materials, the materials used in our production activities, the use of carbon fiber powder scope is very broad.Today we are going to give you analysis of carbon fiber powder under strong stretching performance testing methods, and will look to thermosetting plastic molding use how to do?Below small make up together and see down!

Carbon fiber powder performance test and plastic molding method.
    Paper box method of fixed sample, shearing test samples and the appropriate length of the carbon fiber with steel needle along the fiber direction its separation, make the test samples fluffy facilitate extraction.Carbon fiber powder to serve them with sample plate sample, in order to guarantee the accuracy of the measured results, can't cause any damage to carbon fiber.Made backing paper very troublesome foreign standards, in the process of test was used to find a simple and feasible method of computer mapping.Take about 0.1 mm thick paper to do substrate;Profiling Word by size, create a suitable size box, copy A4 paper to print.If a 50 mm separation stretching, cutting tangent length should be doubled.
   Due to the mixture of plastic glass fiber varieties, such as different length, content, its manufacturability and physical properties are different.Thermosetting reinforced plastics is made up of resin, reinforced material, additives, etc.Resin as matrix and binder, it requires a good liquidity, suitable curing speed, less by-products, easy to adjust viscosity and good intermiscibility, and satisfies the requirement of plastic parts and molding.Plays a role of skeleton reinforced material, the variety specification is various, but the common glass fiber, the general dosage is 60%, length is 15 ~ 20 mm.

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