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At present there is a wide demand for short cut glass fiber sand

  According to the current statistics, the application scope of glass fiber chopped sand industry is not very wide, but the development of the market can not wait for the maturity of technology, and now it must be widely needed to supply the market demand. Many people do not know what glass fiber chopped sand is, let us experts to answer the relevant content for you.

  Glass fiber short cut sand a piece of glass fiber with only one tenth of the hair length and weighs only 4.6 grams per 1000 meters. It can be woven into soft electronic cloth, widely used in notebook computers, high-end mobile phones and other electronic products. It is learned that at present, the finest and most advanced glass fiber in China has been successfully developed by scientists in this city, which will break the technological monopoly of the United States and Japan in related fields, and is expected to reduce the manufacturing cost of notebook computers by about 20%.
  At present, transportation and construction are the main consumption markets of glass fiber products in the world, accounting for nearly 70% of the glass fiber downstream market; while the downstream market of glass fiber products in China is more extensive, including construction, electronic and electrical, transportation, tube and tank (anti-corrosion), industrial application, etc., of which the construction and electronic and electrical fields account for a large proportion, accounting for 55% of the downstream market of glass fiber products in China. Electronic glass fiber is extracted from silicon dioxide contained in crushed stone. As the core raw material of electronic products, it is made into various basic components and widely used in mobile phones, computers, television sets, and even precision instruments in the field of aerospace.
  The rapid and extensive development of glass fiber chopped sand quickly occupied the domestic construction market in China, replacing the traditional technology, but also led to the development of China's construction and transportation industry, improve the technical development, innovate technology, and strive to seize the global market.

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