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3d printing nylon why add 40% glass fiber

   The first 3 d printing nylon material with glass fiber than column only 40% of this one?

Of course not, in 3 d printing nylon material, usually to add more glass fiber were 30% and 15%, 40%, of course.Then according to the e key to print the former data and experience judgment, guests choose and 30% in the market of glass fibers to print the probability is the highest of the model.
Why would print 40% glass fiber selective smaller?Because 40% glass fiber nylon material brittle little printed model to compare, this also is according to our customers to provide the data report.
  The second nylon with glass fiber and glass fiber without distinction?
  From material data, 3 d printing nylon material with glass fiber, resistant temperature would be higher, that the theory of data can be 148 degrees high temperature resistant, of course, we do not recommend using this theory, because materials dealer there to data is often a limit of data, so in the case of safety, if you select the 3 d printing the material of nylon and glass fiber, would suggest you not more than 130 degrees, and don't do temperature test for a long period of time, because the temperature of the test is usually instantaneous temperature, such as ten minutes is ok.
  Then its hardness aspects, judging from the data of its value is 76, from the data of glass fiber material is better than no glass fiber material will probably be around 20% higher hardness.And this is related to the materials properties of glass fiber, of course it is also because the guest need models higher temperature and higher strength, so would recommend guest with glass fiber materials.
  Actually inside the 3 d printing industry, printing nylon material of calling SLS, whether to add fibre glass or without glass fibre SLS was called.
  Third nylon with glass fiber material suitable for what kind of product, what are the characteristics?
  This material is suitable for product function test, can use this material to make some chain class, the spring class, to undertake the activity class products.It is permeable material nylon material, so it can absorb the small dust in the air, and if you are in the outdoor, direct sun it is easy to become yellow.
  The design of each model and wall thickness are likely to affect the flexibility of the material, so we recommend that you use this material to do it, usually to temperature and strength requirements.In terms of surface smoothness, because of 3 d printing SLS nylon material, it is according to the high temperature sintering powder to form a product, so it is the state of the powder of raw materials, so the surface of the printed nylon material is grind arenaceous feeling, its surface is not smooth.If your product requirements for surface is higher, need very smooth, it's late need to color, of course the coloring time and difficulty of relative to print resin material will be a little bit more difficult, so relative to its cost will be higher.3 d printing the thickness of the nylon material it step by step a print is usually between 0.1 mm to 0.2 mm, also it is bigger than the resin.

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